Instrumentation pressure gauges and accessories

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Instrumentation pressure gauges and accessories – general information

High quality pressure gauges designed for critical fluid and gas applications in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and power industry, nuclear power plants, process engineering, laboratories.

  • all wetted parts in AISI 316L stainless steel (optional Alloy 400 – monel);
  • case size 40, 50, 63, 115, 160 mm;
  • measuring range from vacuum up to 1000 bar;
  • accuracy 0,5%, 1%, 1,6% i 2,5%;
  • made in compliance with EN 837 and ASME B40.1;
  • wide variety of connection types and scales;
  • durable and secure;
  • factory-calibrated and tested for leak tightness;
  • ATEX approved gauges also available.

IMP pressure gauge (manometer) range comprises: pressure gauges – measure overpressure, vacuum gauges – measure vacuum and manovacuometers – measure both vacuum and overpressure.

Sample cylinders and valves with a rupture disc – technical information

Cylinders are perfectly suited for safe collection, storage and transport of both fluid and gas samples from a system to a laboratory for analysis. Widely used for sampling hydrocarbons in refineries, gas sampling in chromatography, fossil fuel condensate sampling, condensate sampling in nuclear plants, as pressure rise accumulator and muffler in chemical reactors. Made of seamless, cold-drawn stainless steel pipes (ASTM A269), ends formed using spinning process both with NPT female threads. Sandblast finish, inner and outer, for smooth and clean surface. Manufactured and tested in compliance with DOT 49 CFR 178.42 3E. All cylinders are hydrostatically tested to 3000 psi (206 bar), one cylinder per lot (500 pcs.) is tested to destruction. Used with H-285 valves with a rupture disc unit.

Sample cylinders and valves with a rupture disc unit can be used by trained personnel only, familiar with the operating manual!

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Instrumentation pressure gauges

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