Valve manifolds

Valve manifolds – general information

Valve manifolds integrate several valves together in a common, single body. They are mounted in control and measuring equipment systems directly before pressure gauges or pressure transmitters to protect these instruments against damage. The inlets of the valve manifold are connected to process lines, whereas the outlets connect measuring instruments. Manipulating the valves of the manifold allows making safe static pressure measurements, shutting a measuring instrument off from the process line, venting or releasing the agent from the instrument line, instrument calibration. The valve manifolds are commonly used with differential pressure transmitters. By measuring pressure difference in two spots of the processing system (measuring differential pressure), the flow rate can be determined, fluid level can be measured in closed tanks, pumps and filters can be easily inspected. The valve manifolds are widely used in industrial systems, especially those in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry (Oil & Gas). Tubes International offers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 – valve manifolds by HAM-LET ASTAVA.

An example of the simplest configuration is 2-valve manifold with an inlet, main outlet and vent outlet. A pressure gauge is connected to the main outlet, the vent outlet remains free. To check pressure in the system, open the shut-off valve, then the pressure is supplied to the pressure gauge. To release the pressure from the pressure gauge, not causing damage, first close the shut-off valve and then open the vent valve, which releases the pressure from the pressure gauge. With the valve manifold fitted in the process line, you can measure the pressure in the system at any moment, in a safe and easy way.

  • in AISI 316 stainless steel as standard, also in special materials such as titanium, Duplex steel, nickel alloys (Alloy C-276), Monel (Alloy 400), 6 Mo. steel, all extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • all valve manifolds conform to NACE MR-01-75 / MR-01-03 standard (concerns resistance to sulphide stress cracking, which occurs when oil or gas contain hydrogen sulphide – H2S);
  • full material traceability for all components;
  • working pressure max. 690 bar (for special construction); 400 or 600 bar as standard depending on the sealing material; working temperature range from -50ºC to +540ºC (for valves with Grafoil® sealing);
  • equipped with needle valves, in which the needle closing the flow has a ceramic ball tip (Al2O3), hard, non-rotating in the seat, thereby significantly extending the service life of the valve;
  • gland and body seal via metal-to-metal sealing in the body of the valve; the connection is secured with a locking pin; special version with metal-to-metal sealing in the seat, protection against fugitive emissions;
  • valve stem in AISI 316 Ti steel coated with chromium carbide to prevent stem galling and extend cycle life; the seal placed below the stem thread protects the thread ; rolled stem thread;
  • valve stem sealed by sealing rings (PACKING type, for „hard” materials – Grafoil®, PTFE) or by o-rings (ORING type, for elastomers – Viton, NBR, perfluor (FFKM), EPDM); working temperature and pressure depend on the sealing material applied;
  • „T” knob comes as a standard knob for the valve, optionally as AT „anti – tamper” or LD (with a locking device).
  • valve manifolds for remote and for direct mounting: NPT and BSP thread connections, LETLOK® connectors, special IEC61518 / DIN19213 flanges (standard for connecting pressure transmitters with valve manifolds);
  • all valve manifolds are factory-tested.

A – zawor-odpowietrzajacyRed:Vent valve 
designed to release the pressure that is in the valve.

zawor-odcinajacyB –Blue: Shut-off valve 
used to close and open the valve.

zawor-wyrownujacy-cisnieieC –Green: Pressure equalizing valve 
used to equalize the pressure between two outlets of the valve manifold

Valve knob options

T – standard,

AT – „anti-tamper”

LD – with a locking device (key for AT knob ordered separately)




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1-valve manifolds

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Valve manifold accessories

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