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Pressure gauges (manometers)

  • Glycerine pressure gauges

Pressure gauges (manometers) – general information

General purpose pressure gauges designed for industrial applications. Widely used for pressure measurement of liquid and gas substances. Available in different types depending on pressure or vacuum that is to be measured.

A measuring range must be chosen according to working pressure, so that:

  • constant or slowly fluctuating pressure does not exceed 75% of measuring range,
  • pulsating pressure does not exceed 60% of measuring range,
  • dynamic pressure impulses do not exceed the maximum measuring range.

Standard type have a 63 mm diameter, stainless steel case, glycerine fill, accuracy class 1,6″ and 1/4″ connection (bottom, back entry or for panel mounting).

When selecting a pressure gauge for measuring the pressure of gases above 25 bar or welding gases (acetylene and oxygen), please contact Tubes International.


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Glycerine pressure gauges with bottom connection

Glycerine pressure gauges with bottom connection

Glycerine pressure gauges with back connection

Glycerine pressure gauges with back connection

Glycerine pressure gauges for panel mounting

Glycerine pressure gauges for panel mounting

Vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges

Pressure gauge accessories

Pressure gauge accessories

Pressure gauge adaptors and nipples

Pressure gauge valves

Pressure gauge valves

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FAQ – Pressure gauges:

How to select the correct measuring range for a pressure gauge?2023-02-03T14:43:59+01:00

The optimum measuring range of a pressure gauge is when the operating pressure is confined to 25% and 75% of the scale.

What is the accuracy class of a pressure gauge?2023-02-03T14:44:56+01:00

The accuracy class indicates the limits of permissible error and is expressed as a percentage of the full-scale range. There are the following accuracy classes: 0.1%, 0.25%, 0.6%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.6%, 2.5% and 4%.

What are the nominal sizes of pressure gauges?2023-02-03T14:45:43+01:00

Pressure gauges come in the following sizes: 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 160 and 250.

What are the locations of pressure gauge connections?2023-02-03T14:48:17+01:00

The location of pressure gauge connection can be:

– bottom (radial),

– centric back ,

– eccentric back.

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