Pneumatic Fittings

  • Złącza wtykowe pneumatyczne - pneumatyka przemysłowa

Our company offers a broad range of pneumatic fittings, therefore it is always possible to match the appropriate solution to specific working conditions. Our Customers may choose among the following types of fittings:

  • Brass and plastic push-in fittings – easy, quick and very user friendly. Push-in fittings are manufactured in a huge number of shapes, however, a complete system can be built using just four basic shapes, thus reducing the overall cost of the system. The push-in fittings are divided into three series: R series – general purpose, for hoses with outer diameter from 3 to 14 mm, RL FOX series – reduced outer dimensions and economy version push-in fittings – S series.
  • Push-in fittings designed for the food industry – highly specialised variation of push-in fittings, which is highly resistant to detergents and other chemicals. Both the push-in fittings made of nickel-plated brass – F-series as well as acid-resistant steel are available in this version.
  • Cutting ring fittings B series – designed for copper and plastic pipe assemblies. Particularly recommended for installations, where vibrations may occur. Can be used at high working pressure – 60 bar.
  • Finger tight fittings C series – to assemble the fitting, the hose must be pushed onto the fitting and tightened up with the nut. Maximum working pressure of finger tight fittings is 18 bar.
  • Finger tight fittings D series (banjo) – these fittings can be connected in any required position and also connected with R-series push-in fittings. Their maximum working pressure is 18 bar.
  • Threaded fittings A series – made of nickel-plated brass or AISI 316L steel. It is usually required to use additional sealing to make the connection of this type of fittings tight.
  • Function fittings LINE ON LINE – is a unique range of products designed to be installed in pneumatic systems. Their distinctive features include: high efficiency, small dimensions and compact design. The modularity of their construction allows parallel, serial or combined parallel-serial connection.

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