Brass and plastic push-in fittings

  • Brass and plastic push-in fittings

Push-in fittings – general information

Push-in fittings are designed to connect pneumatic hoses with calibrated outside diameter. The connection is achieved by pushing the hose into the fitting. To disconnect, the body has to be pressed towards release bushing. It is recommended to use these fittings with hoses made of polyamide. The hoses made of polyurethane or other materials can also be used.

R series push-in fittings and Fox series miniature fittings, manufactured by Metal Work, are the best solution for connecting pipes and actuators in pneumatic systems. Available in various configurations for virtually unlimited application. Quick and easy to use, the push-in fittings can be re-used thousands of times without affecting the pneumatic and mechanical seal in any way. The clamping spring of special shape grips the pipe without scratching or deforming it and facilitates release.

budowa złączki wtykowej

1. Ring or release bushing: technopolymer
2. Locking bushing: brass or technopolymer
3. Body: brass or technopolymer
4. Clamping spring: stainless steel (for pipes Ø 3 and Ø 3.17
and R31 and R32: brass gripper)
5. Spring supporting ring: technopolymer
6. Seal: NBR
7. O-ring: NBR

D (hose O.D.):
3, 3.17, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm

G (the size of a connection thread):
M3, M5, M7, M12x1.5, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”

RL (FOX) miniature series (with reduced outside dimensions, for hoses with outside diameter ranging from 3 to 10 mm) is intended to allow the use of push-in fittings where the room for assembly is limited (e.g. small distribution valves). In the RL Ø4 and Ø 8 fittings the release bushing has patented screwdriver slots to facilitate disconnection in tight construction.
A mounting grip of RL21 and RL22 fittings (elbow and tee) has a ring for fixing to the wall asymmetrically in order to contain the head of a screw within the overall dimensions of the fitting. RL fittings Ø8 are not compatible with R7, R8 and R9 fittings of an older R series.


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