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Brass threaded fittings

  • Nickel-plated brass threaded fittings

Brass threaded fittings – general information

Threaded fittings (A series) are designed to connect different types of pneumatic elements (including hoses). In order to get a tight connection, additional sealing must be most often applied. It is usually PTFE tape or sealant (tapered thread) or aluminium / copper washers (parallel threads). Some fittings are equipped with NBR O-rings.


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Nickel-plated brass threaded fittings

Nickel-plated brass threaded fittings

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FAQ – Brass threaded fittings

Where are brass threaded fittings used and what for?2023-04-24T13:23:17+02:00

Brass fittings are designed to connect pipes – mainly copper, though they are also used with plastic tubes or to attach a hose to a piping system, e.g. in pneumatics. They are mainly used to convey air, water or oil.

What standards do the brass threaded fittings from Tubes International meet?2023-04-24T13:22:42+02:00

Our brass fittings are manufactured according to EN 1254-2 standard. In addition, they comply with European directives 1907/2006 REACH and 2011/65/CE RoHS.

What is the maximum working pressure for these fittings?2023-04-24T13:21:44+02:00

The allowable working pressure at +20°C is from 148,4 bar for Ø4 size up to 69,3 bar for Ø22 size. Working pressure will vary at higher working temperatures.

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