High Performance push-in fittings

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HP push-in fittings – general information

HIGH PERFORMANCE push-in fittings for increased temperature and higher pressure up to 30 bar. Double sealing consisting of a safety locking ring and Viton seal ensures resistance to high pressure, hose pulling out and vibration. Full-flow and vacuum resistant. Silicone-free. They are suitable for both compressed air and inert gases, for cooling water, fluids, steam. They are used in industrial automation at increased temperatures, in the automotive industry, welding, heavy industry.

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1. Body: nickel-plated brass
2. Release bushing: nickel-plated brass
3. Locking bushing: nickel-plated brass
4. Blocking ring: AISI 301L
5. Safety locking ring: technopolymer
6. Hose seal: Viton
7. Thread seal: Viton


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Push-in fittings for higher temperature and higher pressure.

Push-in fittings for higher temperature and higher pressure

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