Special applications

  • System pomiarowy ciśnienia statycznego, dynamicznego i próżni w instalacjach hydraulicznych i pneumatycznych.
  • manometry glicerynowe
  • Węże do kanalizacji, węże do czyszczenia kanalizy

“Special applications” contains products that are inevitable in almost all industry branches.

Measuring systems are designed to control pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic installations. Our company offers complete measuring sets or single elements such as hoses, couplings, measuring nipples or pressure gauges.

Both low and high pressure washing and cleaning is a common industrial and commercial procedure. Except for the hoses and couplings intended for such applications, we also supply a full assortment of water guns, nozzles, heads, adaptor, dosing or foam cleaning equipment.

There is a separate category which deals with hoses for sewage cleaning due to the special operation conditions and standards they must be compliant with.