Professional pipe bending

We professionally bend seamless hydraulic pipes made of black, zinc-plated and stainless steel within a diameter range from 6 up to 42 mm.

On the basis of technical drawings or patterns supplied, we prepare pipe isometric projections and computer simulations.

XYZ format and semi-automatic control are used in the 3D pipe bending process to ensure reliable and fully repeatable bends.

The hydraulic pipes can be supplied with end connections, as complete pipe assemblies ready to be mounted to an installation.

Możliwości produkcyjne

Production capabilities

• from Ø 6 up to 42 mm
• max. length up to 6 meters
seamless pipes made of black, zinc-plated and stainless steel

Gwarancja jakości wykonania

Complex design with perfect finish

professional, verified and precise tools and equipment
creating pipe isometrics and bending simulations to visualize the process beforehand
• graphic visualization

More services

Zredukuj czas i koszty naprawy przewodu rurowego, dzięki nowym możliwościom w zakresie usługi gięcia rur hydraulicznych

At Tubes International we will reproduce your old, worm assemblies made of hydraulic precision pipes. The existing pipe is measured by scanning with a highly precise tool – a  measuring arm. A non-contact laser sensor captures the geometry of the pipe. We can produce pipe assemblies with any common high pressure pipe connection (DIN2353, JIC 37⁰, ORFS, SAE 3000/6000), ready for installation.

  • A pipe sample, prototype or technical drawing can be employed to obtain data for our pipe bending machine.

  • This data can be further used to produce highly accurate design documentation.

  • Reduced supplier base – one supplier for all elements of the system.

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