PTFE Tubings

Wąż teflonowy bez oplotu

PTFE hoses without reinforcement do not have any braid or any other reinforcement and are made of single, homogeneous material – PTFE or other fluoropolymer with similar properties (FEP, PFA). They are intended for low pressure (from a couple to over ten bar) or no pressure applications. This range includes smoothbore and corrugated hoses (much more flexible). The translucent wall of these hoses allows visual control of medium presence/absence. Because of PTFE outer surface they are easily kept hygienic and sterile. Typical for specific industrial applications in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry as well as in laboratories. To connect the hoses to an installation, they just must be put on proper stubs of the installation or fittings and fastened with appropriate, soft hose clamps or crimped with suitable fittings and ferrules. Suitable for plastic fittings (see INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS section).


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