Przewód gumowy do rozładunku CO2

Rubber hose assembly for CO2 unloading

Applicationunloading of CO2 from a tanker truck (connected to a pump)
Pressure42 bar
Working temperatureambient
Testing63 bar/hydrostatic

Assembly technology: built-in (vulcanised) rubber protected flanges. Fittings are vulcanised together with a hose during hose production process – integrated with the hose, coated with rubber inside and on a sealing surface. This method ensures full and unrestricted flow through the fitting of a flexible hose assembly. It allows no contact between the medium and metal fitting. No need to use a separate seal.

Description: Custom-made, rubber suction-delivery hose CO2 DN100 with 4“ integral vulcanised HAMMER LUG unions FIG. 602 at both ends (male part + nut at one end, female part at the other end). Tested and marked with CE category II according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/WE. Overall length 6000 mm.