Przewód gumowy do lekkiego oleju napędowego

Rubber hose assembly for light diesel oil

Applicationsupply line between an oil rig and PSV (Platform Supply Vessel)
Mediumlight diesel oil
Pressure10 bar
Working temperatureambient
Testing15 bar/hydrostatic

Assembly technology: internal swaging – an internal swaging system provides reliable and safe fitting-hose connection. It ensures full and unrestricted flow through the fitting of a flexible hose assembly. The system utilizes a cold forming method. Here, a hardened cone shaped swaging tool is used. Its diameter in the widest, working part is slightly bigger than the internal diameter of the fitting before crimping. The tool is pulled down the inside of the fitting so it expands to a desired diameter. The tail of the fitting extends the hose and thus compresses it against the ferrule. The main advantage of internal swaging over external crimping is the increase of a flow rate. When internally swaged, the inside diameters of both the hose and its fitting are the same.

Description: rubber delivery hose with two antistatic wires, with 4“ dry disconnect coupling (coupler, aluminium/Viton) at one end, and HAMMER LUG union FIG. 200 (male part + nut) at the other end. In its middle part the hose assembly is equipped with a dry-brake coupling, type MARINE made of aluminium; with HOOKIE HOOK lifting eye (at the end); with FLOWSAFE floaters to allow the hose to stay afloat (along the whole length). Overall length 45000 mm.