Przewód gumowy do wody pitnej

Rubber hose assembly gumowy for potable water

Applicationsupply line between an oil rig and PSV (Platform Supply Vessel)
Mediumpotable water
Pressure10 bar
Working temperatureambient
Testing26 bar/hydrostatic

Assembly technology: Internal swaging allows permanent and safe fitting-hose connection ensuring full and unrestricted ow through the fitting of a flexible hose assembly. The fitting is internally expanded by pulling a hardened tool of the same size as the hose bore, called a dolly or a plug, down the inside of a hose tail. The compressive force exerted on the hose wall by the hose tail causes the hose material to ow into the serrated cavities of both hose tail and ferrule. As a result, a permanently attached, secure mechanical bond is achieved. The whole process is the opposite to the traditional external crimping. The main advantage of internal swaging over external crimping is the increase in a ow rate. When internally swaged, the wall of the hose tail is entirely pushed into the hose, the inside diameters of both the hose and its fitting are the same.

Description: suction-delivery rubber hose assembly with a stretching force of 4 tones. Mounted with 3” HAMMER LUG unions FIG. 200 (male part + nut on one side, female part on the other side) Full flow ensured by using integral swaging technology. Complete length 45000 mm