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Heated hose for hot melt adhesive application

Applicationconnection of a melt tank with a glue dispensing system
MediumHot Melt adhesive
Pressure112 bar
Working temperature+200°C
Supply voltage230 V

Description: An electrically heated H200 hose was used to connect a melt tank with a glue dispensing system. The hose assembly is made from a smoothbore PTFE T1 base hose DN 16 mm in stainless steel braid, around which a 600 Watt heating element and NI120 temperature sensor are wound. To limit the consumption of energy used for heating the hose assembly and reduce the temperature drop in the system, silicone foam is used as insulation. A flexible polyamide braid is used as an outer cover. Hose end connections, 1.1/16”-12 UNF female thread fittings, are also secured with polyamide end caps.

Electrically heated hoses are used on the equipment for hot glue (hot-melt) application in woodworking and carpentry workshops manufacturing wooden windows or for furniture veneering.