wąż gumowy do rozładunku wodorotlenku sodu z cysterny

Rubber hose for unloading sodium hydroxide from a tanker truck

Applicationtank truck
Mediumsodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
Working pressure3 bar
Working temperature+20°C

Description: CHEM STAR UPE/SD suction-delivery hose resistant to the majority of chemicals was used for unloading a caustic substance, in this case sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), from a tanker truck. The hose with a nominal diameter of 76mm was fitted with  Tankwagen 3” size stainless steel couplings at both ends, mounted with safety clamps. The construction of this hose assembly prevents the accumulation of electric charges as they are dispersed through the hose walls and copper wire connecting both ends.

The CHEM STAR UPE/SD hose assemblies are broadly used in the chemical and petrochemical industry for tanker truck unloading or for conveying caustic substances between tanks.