wąż do zastosowań medycznych

Tubing for blood dialysis

Applicationblood dialysis
Hardness65° Shore (A)
Density1,19 g/cm3

Description: Crystal clear and fully biocompatible tubing designed for medical use. It offers maximum flexibility for convenience during medical procedures. The tubing can be mechanically connected using clamps, thermal welded or bonded by adhesives. The transparent nature of the tubing allows monitoring the fluid flow and draining the fluid completely when the medical procedure is over. Cleaning by steam sterilisation in autoclaves.

ND100-65 tubing is widely used in the medical field on devices for blood dialysis, blood transfusion and blood drainage. Can be also used for all those minimally invasive treatments such as infusion or chemotherapy. A thick-wall version is suitable for vacuum applications.

Standards and requirements:

  • Compliant with ISO 10993
  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • USP Class VI
  • Compliant with BfR regulations