Rubber compensators mounted with clamps

Kompensatory gumowe montowane na opaski
  • Excellent, economical solution for pipelines and low pressure industrial systems

  • Can be made of different types of rubber elastomers compatible with the medium transferred.

  • It can be single-wave or multi-wave to suit specific working conditions.

  • The connection diameter (inner diameter) matches the outer diameter of a pipeline it is to be mounted on.

  • Easy and cost-effective assembly with steel clamps or bands, just slips onto a pipe, no flanges required.

  • Great capability to absorb movement and vibration.

  • It is hand made to suit customer requirements in terms of length and connection diameter.

Construction of a compensator
1 – Outer layer
2 – Braid
3 – Inner layer

Kompensatory gumowe montowane na opaski - przekrój

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