Rubber compensators mounted with clamps

Kompensatory gumowe montowane na opaski
MaterialRubber elastomer (e.g.: EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Hypalon, Viton, also with  PTFE liner. The inner and outer layers of a bellow can be made of different materials depending on the medium and external environment.)
BraidNylon, Polyester or Aramid
Diameter rangefrom DN25 to DN1000 mm
Working pressureup to 10 bar (depending on the nominal diameter and other working parameters)
Working temperatureup to + 150°C
  • Excellent, economical solution for pipelines and low pressure industrial systems

  • Can be made of different types of rubber elastomers compatible with the medium transferred.

  • It can be single-wave or multi-wave to suit specific working conditions.

  • The connection diameter (inner diameter) matches the outer diameter of a pipeline it is to be mounted on.

  • Easy and cost-effective assembly with steel clamps or bands, just slips onto a pipe, no flanges required.

  • Great capability to absorb movement and vibration.

  • It is hand made to suit customer requirements in terms of length and connection diameter.

Construction of a compensator
1 – Outer layer
2 – Braid
3 – Inner layer

Kompensatory gumowe montowane na opaski - przekrój

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