SKV is a special connection system consisting of a plug and a socket, additionally secured with a locknut and PVC safety clip after they are coupled. The design of the hose tail of the fitting with SKV connection is the same as the one of INTERLOCK fittings. As standard, they are suitable for the following types of hoses: 4SH, R13, R15 (for other types on request).

  • Ergonomic design

    Very fast, easy assembly and disassembly – no special tools are needed.

  • Longer service life of a hydraulic system

    Elements can rotate against each other so the hose will not twist (when joining two hose assemblies together, connecting to stationary devices e.g. to a generator, when handling or carrying connected hose assemblies).

  • Compact design

    SKV system has small dimensions and smooth, round profile with no protruding elements. Connecting with the use of SKV system, contrary to other systems available on the market (couplings or quick release couplings with dimensions bigger than hose outer diameter) is less prone to damage and to the risk of catching on some other objects when in motion.

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