• More comfort, more safety

    Spring balancers are used to suspend hand tools, power tools, hose assemblies etc. Due to their special construction (spring capacity) the spring balancers neutralise the weight of the tools attached thus allowing effortless operation at a safer workplace.

  • No risk of damage to tools

    Spring balancers include an automatic lock, which protects the tools from being accidentally dropped. In this way, the tools are secured against the risk of potential damage.

  • Easy setting and adjustment of capacity to the weight of tools

    Load capacity of the spring balancer must be adjusted to the weight of a suspended tool. Depending on the type of balancer, the spring capacity can be adjusted by turning a knob on the body or using a wrench.

  • Options: ATEX version and versions for heavier elements

    Our range of spring balancers includes ATEX compliant balancers, designed specifically for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX) and also large capacity balancers designed for suspending elements as heavy as 180 kg.


Suspending hand tools, power tools, hose assemblies etc.

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