Top quality steam gun compliant with health and safety requirements for steam handling.  Comes with a swivel coupling hose inlet. Available with a broad range of accessories – lances and nozzles of various sorts. Used for steam washing and steam cleaning of machines, equipment, floors, de-icing and thawing of outdoor equipment.

The steam flows through the hose, reaches the gun and there, inside the gun, it is directed to the valve, before it is discharged through the lance and nozzle.  An ergonomically designed trigger reduces the opening force of the valve. Releasing the trigger automatically shuts the steam supply off, thus protecting against undesired discharge and possible accidents. The unique thermal insulation of the gun and the lance (stainless steel perforated sheet shield fixed by thermally resistant plastic bridges) eliminates the risk of burns.  The grip of the gun can be easily re-attached on the other side for left-handed operation. An addition grip can be also fitted on the front side of the lance. The gun comes with a swivel coupling as a standard to prevent uncomfortable hose twisting during operation.  This steam gun is often used with a special steam valve – available on request. For your steam gun configuration, please contact Tubes International.

Steam gun features and benefits:

  • rugged stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic construction

  • broad range of accessories

  • swivel coupling to prevent hose twisting

  • adjustable for right/left-hand operation.

Available on request.

Example of application:

Steam cleaning of machines and industrial systems

Czyszczenie parą instalacji i maszyn