Steam Hose Fittings

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Rubber steam hoses can only be used with special steam fittings – safety clamps mounted with screws. The fittings, made of carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel or brass are respectively robust and resistant. They are screwed together with steam safety clamps. Therefore retightening of the clamps after the first cycle of operation, periodic inspection of the fittings and hose beneath the clamps is possible. Consider hose inner diameter but also hose wall thickness when selecting appropriate fittings and safety clamps!  To ensure safe operation of steam hose assemblies, they must be mounted strictly according to the instructions and periodically inspected.

There are two main types of fittings and safety clamps for steam:

  • BOSS fittings;
  • fittings according to EN 14423 (DIN 2826);

Both types can be used for steam as well other media within the range of the following parameters: pressure up to 18 bar (for steam), temperature up to 232°C (steam), up to 120°C (hot water). The type of fittings must correspond to the type of clamps.

Note! Steam fittings must not be crimped with ferrules in rubber steam hoses as it threatens the safety of users! As rubber resilience gradually decreases and the hose neither can be controlled beneath the crimp nor the fittings retightened, the risk of leakage rises and the fitting may break off with disastrous effects!
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