Stripwound Steel Hoses

  • Węże stalowe zwijane, węże zwijane

Stripwound hoses („Peschel hoses”) are manufactured in a process of spiral winding of an extruded metal strip. Usually, this type of hoses is made of zinc-plated carbon steel and stainless steel. The profile of the band allows the edges to overlap and ensures excellent flexibility of the hose. Additionally, different sealing types can be applied.

Application of stripwound steel hoses:

  • Material handling hoses – for loose bulk materials
    Supplied as complete hose assemblies with fittings. At very low pressure they are used for the transfer of various sorts of granules, of more abrasive or more aggressive loose products, cement, grain, etc.
  • Hoses for gas or exhaust extraction and removal
    The stripwound hoses are frequently used for various types of smoke, gas, dust and exhaust extraction. They can be used at temperature much higher than plasticducting hoses. Usually mounted using special clamps. Available in custom lengths. Cut per meter.
  • Protective hoses
    Stripwound hoses are perfect to protect delicate hoses operating in harsh working conditions. Generally used as:

    • protection against abrasion;
    • protection against kinking;
    • protection of outer braid;
    • protection against molten metal splashes e.g. aluminium;
    • protection of cable bundles (e.g. electric).

The stripwound steel hoses are assembled with clamps and bands. They are available in a wide range of diameters ranging from a couple up to several hundred mm.


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