The many pluses of Softplus

PVC hose for air, water, slightly aggressive chemicals

Wąż PVC do powietrza, wody, lekkich chemikaliów
  • Low weight, great flexibility facilitate handling and storage

    The lightweight construction of this hose, which incorporates special PVC compound, provide excellent flexibility even in low temperatures. As a result, it is easy to handle even when the temperature remains below zero. As flexible as it is, the hose is ideal for use in hardly accessible places, but also easier and more handy to store e.g. it can be wound up on a hose reel.

  • Excellent resistance to kinking and twisting ensure trouble-free service and reduce the time needed to make it ready for operation

    The hose does not collapse and does not undergo permanent deformation under the influence of pressure. No shape memory eliminates the risk of hose tangling. This determines the length of its service life and considerably shortens the time needed for setting it up.

  • Can be used outdoors

    Resistance to abrasion and weather conditions allows for using the hose outdoors without the risk of quick degradation.

  • One hose, many applications

    Made of special PVC compound, the hose features good chemical resistance to numerous substances and thus can be used in multiple applications. Can be used for air, water as well as for light chemicals. It is an excellent solution for low pressure cleaning applications, cooling systems and workshops where it connects air blow guns, pneumatic impact wrenches, air compressors and other pneumatic hand tools or pneumatic equipment.

Examples of applications
Mycie niskociśnieniowe
Podłączanie narzędzi i urządzeń pneumatycznych
Podłączenie pistoletu do malowania do kompresora
Podłączanie pistoletów i innych akcesoriów do powietrza ( do pompowania kół)
Does not contain any harmful substances.
Does not contain any harmful substances.

The hose is manufactured from PVC that is free of cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium VI (according to EU Directive RoHS). Therefore, after it is used, the environment is not polluted with those dangerous chemical elements.

Pneumatic extender
Complete hose assemblies with Eurostandard DN 7,2 quick release couplings

To suit your needs, we offer both hoses for self-crimping as well as complete hose assemblies to connect your equipment straight away. Softplus complete hose assemblies are assembled with popular Eurostandard DN 7,2 quick release couplings to match virtually all pneumatic hand tools such as air blow guns, tyre inflators, pneumatic impact wrenches.

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