Tubes Engineering

Tubes International is a group focused on continuous improvement. We anticipate the expectations of our Customers and we search for new ways to adjust our products and services to their changing needs. A direct result of those actions is the formation and opening of a new company designing and producing industrial infrastructure: Tubes Engineering.

Tubes Engineering Sp. z o.o. has its own team of expert engineers, whose experience of working on industrial systems extends over many years and many sectors, e.g. fuel, chemicals, gas, energy, metallurgical and mining industries. We have gathered that experience while cooperating with the Customers within the Tubes International organisation for many years.

We specialise in:

  • engineering, production, installation and modernisation of loading/unloading system infrastructure, also loading/unloading equipment, built either of flexible hose assemblies or loading arms,
  • engineering loading/unloading station projects.

Comprehensive solutions, customised engineering

The loading/unloading infrastructure designed and produced by our company is employed in numerous loading/unloading systems handling chemicals, food, loading/unloading terminals for fuel and petrochemical products. We deliver installations and equipment that work in oil refineries, power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, food or petrochemical plants, in sewage treatment plants and waste water treatment plants.

In Tubes Engineering we extend the scope of our services concerning loading/unloading infrastructure design to include mechanical, process line, construction, electric and automation sector. We supply and install fittings, pumps, tanks, access platforms, automation systems, SKID systems etc.

We deliver comprehensive solution, always individually adjusted to meet specific needs of our Customers. We follow EPC approach (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) i.e. we provide design engineering, installation services and we deal with all formal issues concerning commissioning by authorised inspection bodies such as TDT, UDT and WDT. Our designs meet all technical and legal requirements set by the inspection bodies and end users.

Wide scope of activities

We are a producer of the equipment, we have our own production facilities so we can offer any solution, even a non-standard one.

We provide maintenance services. We have a fleet of professional service cars for on-site operations and highly qualified service technicians. We provide maintenance works and installation works on: loading/unloading equipment, loading arms, flexible industrial hose assemblies, welding works on pipelines and many other works as required by the Customers.

We also design floating roofs on storage tanks (IFR) and their draining systems.

With our expertise knowledge and experience we support our Customers with technical advice concerning equipment subject to technical supervision (UDT, TDT, WDT), but also by  organising training courses and conferences on technical safety and operation of technical equipment.

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Tubes Engineering

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