Tygon S3™ B-44-3 phthalate-free general-purpose food tubing

Lightweight, flexible, phthalate-free and bisphenol A-free Tygon S3™ B-44-3 tubing designed for the food industry and beverage production. Thanks to its special characteristics, it does not affect the taste or odour of a transferred medium.

  • Excellent resistance to water absorption facilitates quick cleaning and drying of the tubing

  • As the tubing is very flexible, it perfectly suits all applications where the space is limited because with the use of the tubing any additional fittings and connectors are not required

  • Very good visual flow monitoring through the tubing walls

Standards and approvals:

  • FDA
  • 3-A
  • Japanese Food Sanitation Law #370/1959
  • Directive 1935/2004/EC

  • Directive 10/2011/EU

  • Does not contain substances listed in California’s Proposition 65

Typical application:
Dispensing and transfer of such beverages as:

  • sparkling drinks

  • fruit juices

  • flavoured drinks

Tubing available on request.

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