Tygon® S3™ M-34-R tubing is specially designed for raw milk transfer. Extensively used for milking equipment.
Embedded blue stripe together with branding is the assurance of getting the original Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing. The tubing conforms to: FDA 21 CFR 175.300, REACH standards, EU Regulations 1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EU.

Wąż do mleka Tygon<sup>®</sup>S3™ M-34-R
  • Precise flow monitoring and control of tubing cleanliness

    Tygon® S3™ M-34-R tubing is crystal clear, so the milk flowing through is perfectly visible for control and cleanliness of the tubing walls can be easily inspected.

  • Smooth, non-porous surface

    Smooth, non-porous inner surface of the tubing eliminates the problems related to the build-up of fat, milk particles and bacteria growth.

  • Quick connection to milking parlour equipment

    Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing is very flexible to ease quick connection to milking parlour equipment.

  • Resistance to embrittlement and cracking for longest service life

    Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing has been specially developed to reduce the risk of cracking due to low temperatures, which may occur when rubber hose assemblies are used.

  • Phthalate-free

    The material used to manufacture Tygon® S3™ M-34-R contains no phthalates. The tubing, therefore, is suitable for milk transfer with no negative impact on human health.

Application of Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing

Tygon® S3™ M-34-R tubing should be mounted on stubs, attached with hose clips.

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