Runner rotary nozzles for cleaning heat exchangers, with interchangeable heads of different configurations, for cleaning pipelines with seamless pipe elbows (SPC or SLC heads), also FlexFrame, TLX, LTC, 1-XS, OBS, and IBC systems.

Advantages of using cleaning automation systems:

  • Advantages of using cleaning automation systems:
  • repeatability of a process – the operator has control over the speed at which the tool moves
  • faster and smoother performance – up to 5 tubes can be cleaned at the same time, still with one operator managing the system

UHP’s range of cleaning automation systems includes:

dysza runner

Runner nozzle for cleaning pipes from 12 to 51 mm, working pressure up to 1500 bar, flow rate from 19 to 95 LPM

głowice spc

SPC heads for cleaning pipelines with elbows from 50 to 300 mm, working pressure up to 3000 bar, flow rate from 30 to 210 LPM

głowice slc

SLC heads for cleaning straight pipelines from 85 to 510 mm, working pressure up to 1500 bar, flow rate from 60 to 380 LPM

flex frame

FlexFrame: frame system for positioning lancing machines on the tube sheet of a heat exchanger, standard for the exchangers up to 150 cm in diameter, can be extended to larger diameters


TLX: lance feeder for feeding up to 3 flexible lances into the heat exchanger, can be upgraded to serve 5 flexible lances, pneumatic control, compatible with FlexFrame, any hose length, quick installation basically without tools


LTC: lance feeder for feeding a single flexible lance into the heat exchanger, also suitable for cleaning pipelines


1XS: compact, single lance feeding system compatible with Orion positioning system


OBS: system for cleaning the outside of the tube bundle in the heat exchanger


IBC: automatic system for cleaning up to 5 tubes in the heat exchanger, employs rigid high-pressure lances

Available on request.