• loading and unloading hose
Internal layer:
black NBR rubber
OIL STREAM STAR D – synthetic cord;
OIL STREAM STAR SD – synthetic cord, steel spirals
External layer:
black NBR rubber
Operating temperature range:
from -30⁰C to +80⁰C


Oil Stream Star is a universal hose designed for the transfer, loading and unloading of liquid petrochemical products containing up to 50% aromatic hydrocarbons, fuels, petrol, diesel oil, heating oil, lubricants, etc. It is available as a delivery version (Oil Stream Star D) and a suction-delivery version (Oil Stream Star SD).


  • resistance to oil and atmospheric conditions

  • wide, universal application: for the transfer of fuel or other compatible media in typical operating conditions

  • the delivery version (Oil Stream Star D, red label) has copper wires ensuring electrical continuity between hose ends – provided the wires are correctly connected to the fittings

  • the suction-delivery version (Oil Stream Star SD, yellow label) has an inner layer made of black, smooth, and antistatic NBR rubber, dissipating electrical charges 104 Ω < R < 109 Ω

  • relatively light weight and flexible construction make the hose easy to handle

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