Wąż do pary nasyconej Victoria Premium

Robust and flexible, red delivery hose with steel reinforcement for saturated steam.

  • The inner layer has a very low permeability level and  very high resistance to popcorning, which  ensure extended service life even in extreme conditions.
  • Withstands superheated steam with temperature up to +230ºC and maximum working pressure of 18 bar (temporarily).

  • The cover is in bright red colour for increased visibility and to warn against high temperature.

  • Steel reinforcement.

  • Pinpricked external layer.

  • Safety factor 10:1.

Solution for such applications as:

Steam cleaning of machines and industrial systems

Wąż Victoria Premium - czyszczenie parą instalacji i maszyn

Steam heating of rail tank cars while unloading thick media

Wąż Victoria Premium - podgrzewanie parą cystern przy rozładunku gęstych mediów
Końcówki do węży do pary wodnej

Steam hose fittings

For rubber steam hoses always use steam fittings designed and intended specifically for steam, assembled with steam safety clamps tightened with bolts.

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