December 2023
Tubes International’s social responsibility

In December 2023, we enthusiastically continued our mission of supporting charity organizations that make a significant difference in the lives of many in need through their hard work. We had the pleasure of supporting the following foundations:

  • Serca dla Maluszka
  • TipTop
  • Z Serca dla Serca
  • Koniczynka
  • Zdążyć z Pomocą
  • Słoneczko
  • Radość z Uśmiechu

We hope that our support will bring some light into the lives of their beneficiaries.

September 2023
30th Anniversary Celebrations of Tubes International

The official celebrations of our company’s 30th anniversary took place in the picturesque Żnin Sugar Factory on the last weekend of September. The event brought together over 400 of our employees. It was a wonderful opportunity for meeting, exchanging experiences, and celebrating together.

The party started with a series of outdoor attractions, where employees could enjoy a variety of activities. These energetic and creative activities not only provided a lot of fun but also strengthened the bonds among employees.

After the outdoor fun, it was time for the formal part of the evening. The moving speeches by the board members highlighted the long history of the company, its achievements, and ambitious plans for the future. The formal dinner in an elegant setting created the perfect atmosphere for further conversations and strengthening relationships. The evening’s climax was the joint celebration during the cutting of the birthday cake.

This unforgettable event not only commemorated three decades of our operations but also showcased the strength and unity of our company. We thank everyone who contributed to the preparation of this gala and eagerly look forward to more joint successes and anniversaries.

September 2023
30 years Tubes International

The year 2023 is a special one for us – we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tubes International’s existence. We have completed three decades marked by passion, continuous development, and the cultivation of trust with our customers. Since 1993, we have been continuously providing the highest quality solutions in the field of hoses and fittings for industry, carefully tailoring them to the individual needs of each client.

On these important days for us, we would like to thank you for your trust and support, which have allowed us to become a company that is recognized and valued in the market. 30 years of experience is not only a reason for us to be proud, but also a motivation for further intense work for our dear customers.

For this special occasion, we have prepared a video that allows you to immerse yourself in the history of our company – from its humble beginnings to the present day – showing how we have adapted to the growing expectations of our clients. It is thanks to hard work, determination, and careful market observation that we can today proudly speak of ourselves as a leader in the industry of industrial hoses and fittings.

Thank you for being with us all these years. We eagerly look forward to more years of partnership, bringing mutual benefits and successes.

Thank you,
Tubes International Team

Watch the video>

September 2023
Płock Branch at a new location

  • ul. Dobrzyńska 62A
    09-400 Płock
  • phone: 24 364 03 00
    mobile: 669 55 00 40
    mon-fri 8.00-16.00

We are pleased to inform you that our branch in Płock is moving to a new, more spacious building. Starting from September 1, 2023, we invite you to 62A Dobrzyńska Street. The new location allows us to provide an even better quality of service and shopping comfort. Thanks to the increased warehouse space, we can ensure a greater availability of products ready for immediate purchase, as well as an even better adaptation of our offer to the individual needs of our customers. The retail space has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind, making shopping even more enjoyable.

In our commitment to satisfying our customers, we offer comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial hoses and fittings, pneumatics, and hydraulics. In the new location, we provide services in the field of crimping industrial hoses up to 4 inches. Our experts are waiting for you and will be pleased to provide you with professional service and advice.

We kindly invite you to visit us at our new location and wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

July 2023
Establishment of a New Office Complex at the Company’s Headquarters


  • ul. Bystra 15A
    61-366 Poznań
  • phone: 61 653 02 22
    mon-fri 8.00-16.00

We are pleased to inform you that we have received our modern office complex at the company’s Headquarters. The new complex secures needs in the area of service and production planning, commercial and export activities. The new space also allows for more efficient work in the area of purchasing planning and the ability to respond more quickly to the dynamic changes occurring in the market.

This investment was aimed not only at increasing the usable area of the building but, above all, at raising the standard and comfort of work for our employees, enabling even more efficient functioning in areas key to our activity.

The new office complex is not only a symbol of the dynamic development of our company but also a guarantee that we are prepared to meet the challenges and needs of the modern market. We are convinced that the new opportunities opened up by the increased office space at Headquarters will bring tangible benefits both for our company and for all our Clients and Business Partners.

July 2023
Tubes International’s social responsibility

  • Tubes International’s social responsibility

In July 2023, we once again had the pleasure of supporting numerous charity organizations, which make every effort each day to help those in need. Our support reached the beneficiaries of the following deserving foundations and associations:

  • Avalon
  • Votum
  • Zdążyć z Pomocą
  • Szlachetny Gest
  • “Wataha” Family Orphanage
  • Siepomaga
  • Fundacja dla Osób Pokrzywdzonych Losowo
  • Dzięki Tobie

We are pleased that we could contribute to their noble mission.

May 2023
We have joined the Pomeranian Offshore Platform

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Pomeranian Platform for the Development of Baltic Offshore Wind Energy. Its goal is to increase the participation of Polish and Pomeranian companies in the process of building offshore wind farms and to train a skilled workforce for this industry.

Joining the Pomeranian Offshore Platform opens up a large space for us to supply our hoses and fittings, carry out our manufacturing and service tasks, and utilize our broad competencies and technical knowledge. Tubes International has a longstanding and substantive experience in the Offshore and Onshore Wind Energy sector in the area of products and services related to industrial hoses and fittings. As a proven and experienced supplier for the industry, our company also actively contributes to reducing the dependence on fossil fuels of many European economies. By cooperating with the Pomeranian Offshore Platform, we can work even more intensively for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Together, we will strive to develop efficient and innovative offshore wind power solutions, sharing our knowledge, experience, and resources. As a Pomeranian Offshore Platform member, we will work alongside a highly skilled engineering, technical, and scientific staff. This will undoubtedly contribute to the success of our projects and speed up the energy transition process in Poland and worldwide.

December 2022
Tubes International’s social responsibility

  • Tubes International’s social responsibility

The period around Christmas and New Year is a wonderful opportunity for helping others. Being aware of the responsible role companies play in society, we have once again decided to donate funds to help less fortunate people. In December 2022, we supported several foundations, including “Siepomaga” Foundation,  “Szlachetny Gest” Foundation, “Serca dla Maluszka” Foundation, “Dzięki Tobie” Foundation, “Avalon” Foundation and “Zdążyć z Pomocą” Children’s Foundation.

We hope that the funds donated will help the recipients improve their health and living situation and that they made Christmas more joyful.

December 2022
Online quoting is launched

  • online offer generator

Tubes International’s e-shop, along with 38 physical store branches in Poland and abroad, is an element of a strategy for market expansion through the development of our own sales network. Closely monitoring current market trends and customer needs, we systematically implement solutions to improve user-friendliness and thus ensure the best possible experience when it comes to using online sales tools. We are pleased to inform you that we have recently introduced a new tool that allows you to create online sale quotations by yourself with the option of individual pricing. Online quoting is designed to handle enquiries about standard products that do not require support or technical advice. It is a simple and quick way to obtain a competitive quotation for standard products under your specific, already existing commercial conditions.

Online quoting is only available to registered users. We would like to encourage you to create an account in our e-shop to discover the benefits of online quoting and other features.

October 2022
New branch opens in Koszalin

  • Industrial hoses Koszalin
  • Industrial hoses Koszalin
  • Industrial hoses Koszalin

We are very pleased to announce the opening of another Tubes International branch. This new point on the Tubes sales map is located in Koszalin, at Franciszkańska 24.

The Koszalin branch is a building with an area of 308m2. It includes a spacious sales floor, a complete workshop and warehouse facilities. There, we can fulfill all of our customers’ needs, including sales of goods and services concerning industrial, pneumatic and hydraulic hoses and fittings. At the new branch, our customers will purchase products from Tubes International’s offering and also have them assembled in-house (hydraulic hoses up to 2.1/2” and industrial hoses up to 4”). Our sales staff will be happy to provide professional technical advice and help the customers select the right products for the application.

The new facility is a significant value in the company’s distribution structure. We believe it will be a convenient location for our existing and new customers in the northern part of Poland, as well as an attractive place to work and space to develop for our employees.

October 2022
Tubes International becomes NAHAD Member

nahad wydarzenia

Tubes International is pleased to announce that we have joined NAHAD – the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution. The Association aims to promote and implement the highest industry standards by setting guidelines, recommendations and providing training. NAHAD members include companies globally engaged in the distribution and manufacture of hose assemblies, couplings, fittings, clamps and hose-related products. Tubes International’s membership highlights our commitment to aligning our operations with best business practices and product standards. Through active membership in the NAHAD organization, our employees gain access to the world’s best practices, knowledge and expertise relevant to the hose, fittings and accessories industry.

For more information on NAHAD, visit:

The Association for Hose & Accessories Distribution (nahad.org)

July 2022
Bratislava Branch opens

  • otwarcie oddziału bratysława
  • węże przemysłowe bratysława
  • Bratysława oddział

We’re excited to announce that another Tubes International branch in Slovakia opened at the beginning of July 2022. The branch is located in the capital city  – Bratislava.

The new branch includes a comfortable sales area, warehouse, and workshop. At this newly opened branch, we can provide full sales service to existing and new customers proficiently and effectively. Being locally present, we can serve the customers more efficiently in terms of the availability of goods in stock and the production of industrial hose assemblies with an inner diameter of up to 51mm.

We invite all interested parties to visit this new customer service point on the Tubes International sales map.

We are positive that the branch will benefit our Slovak Business partners in many ways.

July 2022
Kraków branch at a new location

  • przenosiny kraków
  • Tubes international Kraków
  • Industrial reels Kraków

We are very pleased to inform you that our Kraków branch has moved to a new location. Now it is in one of the new buildings on the main roadway within NOHO LOGISTIC PARK. The new location is at the same address, about 30m from the previous one.

The new Kraków branch is a modern office and warehouse facility with a total area of 930 m2. It consists of a three-level office building and a modern customer service centre with an area of about 230 m2, including a store and display area of 60 m2.

The new Kraków branch is a modern distribution and logistics centre that will meet the expectations of customers both in the local market and beyond. It has a much larger warehouse with an area of 680 m2 and a racking system of 400-pallet target capacity. Extra storage space is provided by a 3-meter high extension (mezzanine floor) with an area of 240 m2, furnished with racks on which we can store small goods and bulky items. This large warehouse space allows for more stock to be available at any time.

The new Kraków branch is an opportunity to expand our technical facilities, which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022. The workshop will be equipped with FINN POWER P51 SCC crimping machine with ergonomic SCC control with a touchscreen display that allows formulas to be stored in the machine’s memory. This control is a completely new feature available from our FINN POWER crimping machines supplier. With this machine, we can crimp hydraulic hoses up to 2 ½ inches in diameter and industrial hoses up to 4 inches in diameter, allowing us to meet most of the needs of our existing and new customers.

The new facility is very important to the company’s distribution structure. It will be a great place to work, develop and deliver excellent customer service. We are convinced that our customers will benefit from this state-of-the-art logistics facility. We look forward to seeing you at our new location!

July 2022
Tubes International’s social responsibility

akcja charytatywna Tubes International

At Tubes International, we pride ourselves on helping as many people as we can. Once again, we donated to several  charitable organisations, including: Serce dla Maluszka, Szlachetny Gest, Zdążyć z Pomocą, Dzięki Tobie,  Fundacja Avalon, Fundacja dla Osób Pokrzywdzonych Losowo.

We also supported numerous charity auctions by donating packages of goodies to be auctioned.

We hope that our support contributes to the improvement of the living conditions and health of the recipients.

May 2022
Wrocław branch moves to a new location

  • rubber hoses Wrocław
  • rubber industrial hoses Wrocław


From the 23rd of May, we are operating in a new location. You will find us in the building located close to Korona Shopping Centre in Wroclaw. This brand-new facility has a larger warehouse which will increase the availability of offered products. In addition, the refreshed store layout with new displays will greatly increase the comfort of service and allow us to showcase our range of products in a highly accessible way.

April 2022
Tubes International is closing its branch in Russia

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

Tubes International Sp. z o.o. has taken the decision to close down its operations in the Russia branch of Tubes International.

December 2021
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

Tubes International’s social responsibility
During the Christmas season, we supported the following foundations: Siepomaga, Wybierz by Pomóc, Avalon, Szlachetny Bohater, Zbieramy Razem and associations: Pod Skrzydłem Anioła, To Ma Sens.

We believe, that with the help we provided, last Christmas was more joyful.

November 2021
New agency opens in Italy

Otwarcie przedstawicielstwa we Włoszech

We are pleased to announce that Tubes International has opened an agency in Italy. The newly opened business unit is a result of the implementation of our strategy for international market expansion. It is to support our Customers on the Italian market.

The role of the employees of the Italian agency will be to assists our Customers with all their needs through a comprehensive product offering, technical expertise and quality products.

We welcome you to contact us for more information.


July 2021
Częstochowa Branch at a new location

  • Tubes International Częstochowa Branch
  • Industrial hoses Częstochowa
  • Tubes International Częstochowa Branch

On 26th of July, Częstochowa Branch moved to a new location. From now on, Częstochowa Branch is in a new facility, which includes e.g. a much larger shopping space. With this space we will be able to serve you better and offer an even larger selection of products. Our phone and fax numbers stay the same.

Come visit us at Warszawska 319!
Tubes International Team, Częstochowa Branch

July 2021
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

As we continue to apply our responsible business strategy, we have once again supported several foundations and those in their care. We hope that the funds donated will help the recipients improve their health and life situation.

We have recently managed to aid: “Kamyk” Community Self-Help Centre, “Serca dla Maluszka” Foundation, “Ofiaruj Serce” Foundation, “Spem Donare” Foundation, “Damy Radę” Foundation, “Zdążyć z Pomocą” Children’s Foundation, “Koniczynka” Foundation.

May 2020
Tubes Engineering – a new Tubes company

Tubes Engineering

Tubes International is a group focused on continuous improvement. We anticipate the expectations of our Customers and we search for new ways to adjust our products and services to their changing needs. A direct result of those actions is the formation and opening of a new company designing and producing industrial infrastructure: Tubes Engineering.

Tubes Engineering Sp. z o.o. is a team of expert engineers, whose experience of working on industrial systems extends over many years and across many sectors, e.g. fuel, chemicals, oil & gas, power, metallurgical and mining industries. We have gathered that experience while cooperating with the Customers within the Tubes International organisation for many years.

We are specialists in designing, production, construction and modernisation of loading/unloading system infrastructure, including loading/unloading equipment, built either of flexible hose assemblies or loading arms, as well as in engineering loading/unloading station projects.

See more >

May 2020
Supporting fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

“We still don’t know what tomorrow brings, but this one thing we can take for granted – together we can do the impossible, together we can survive to become even stronger. Together we have huge POWER!” – we do agree with the organiser, so we decided to join the campaign fundraising for healthcare as they are fighting against COVID-19 pandemic. This way, we want to show our gratitude and help those, who struggle to control the virus and take care of our health each and every day.

In this tough time, despite difficulties in all aspects of life, Tubes International donated  the actions of Siepomaga Foundation fighting the coronavirus pandemic and its effects.

Donation: 30 000 PLN

March 2020
Winning the “Product of the Year 2019” competition

zawory antyzamarzaniowe

We are pleased to announce that one of our products, an automatic freeze protection bleed valve, has won first place in the “Product of the Year 2019” competition in the “Lubrication and oil system components” category.

The valve comes with a unique thermostatic head, which makes it completely mechanical, so the valve does not require an electrical/compressed air supply.

The recognition of our solution, mainly aimed at the railway industry, is thanks to the readers of the “Engineering and Maintenance” magazine, who cast the most votes for our product.

The full list of winners of the “Product of the Year 2019” competition is available by clicking here.

January 2020
New branch opens in Tychy

  • Industrial hoses for Mining Industry
  • compensators for mining Tychy
  • Expansion joints Tychy Tubes Interantional
  • ul. Fabryczna 3
    43-100 Tychy
  • phone: +48 32 730 66 30
    fax +48 32 730 66 39
  • 24h SERVICE
    mobile: +48 669 888 484
    Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00

We are very happy to announce that on 7th January 2020 a new Tubes International Sp. z o.o. branch opened in Tychy, at Fabryczna 3 (Instalbud premises).

The branch is open and ready to serve you in a store with a fully equipped workshop and  warehouse facilities. In the branch, we will provide you with industrial, pneumatic, hydraulic hoses and couplings and all related services.  We produce hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies on spot.

We are sure that this very convenient location is another great advantage of our company bringing in significant benefits to our customers. Please come and visit our new branch.

November 2019
Tubes International expands its machine shop

Powiększenie parku maszynowego Tubes International

Tubes International’s machine shop got a test bench for testing high pressure hose assemblies in a full range of diameters up to 6000 bar!

This new investment enables precise parametrisation of every testing stage according to the latest ISO 1402 standard. Besides, using this new machine greatly shortens testing time and reduces energy consumption, which in turn contributes to the environment protection.

Objects with overall dimensions exceeding the size of the Europalette fit into the testing chamber and can be safely tested with highest pressure values.  The machine has additional safety systems for burst pressure testing, to validate special solutions for ultra high pressure applications, which Tubes International produces for its customers.

After the pressure test is conducted, a certificate can also be issued. The certificate contains a graph showing assigned and actual pressure values in a tested item recorded throughout the entire test duration time.

We are sure that this new investment will positively influence the quality of solutions we offer and become a great advantage for our customers.

October 2019
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

In recent months we have made donations to the following foundations and organisations supporting people in need: Serce dla Maluszka, Zdążyć z Pomocą, Szlachetny Gest and Avalon, but also a family who lost their home and all possessions in a fire. We truly believe that the funds we have donated will contribute to the improvement of their wellbeing or state of health.

December 2018
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International - grudzień 2018

We are very happy that lately we have managed to bring support to „Czerwone Serduszko” Foundation, „Nasze Dzieci” Foundation, „Liver” Association, „Zdążyć z pomocą” Foundation and also Volunteer Fire Brigade „Starówka”. We are even happier since we delivered the donations still before Christmas. We hope it makes this Holiday Season more cheerful. We also hope that the health and well-being of all those under the care of the foundations improve and that all call-outs end up safely for Vunteer Fire Brigade „Starówka”.

September 2018
25 years Tubes International – anniversary celebration

  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu
  • 25 lat tubes International - obchody jubileuszu

On the last weekend of September, in Pałac Łochów we celebrated our company’s 25th anniversary at an unforgettable event full of fun and laughter. The anniversary event gathered over 300 employees from our domestic branches and from those abroad in: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania as well as Germany. It surely was an event to remember. During the day we were having feast together, taking part in countless sports activities. And then, after full-day open-air fun, a dinner gala started, during which we could share memories, revise the past years and naturally, party till dawn.

September 2018
25 years Tubes International

25 lat Tubes International
„Our company turns a quarter of a century. Over the last 25 years we have tackled many challenges, developed sound business values and laid foundations for further development of Tubes International.
Starting from 1st May 1993, when a handful of people guided by the unforgettable Richard, started to build the company, until today, when the company employs over 450 people of several nationalities in numerous locations, one thing has not changed – the greatest asset of Tubes International are the employees: passionate, dedicated and loyal. You are the true creators of the success of this enterprise and heroes of the 25th anniversary Chronicle, from the first to the very last page.
It is not an accident, that many of you devoted almost entire professional life to Tubes International, and those, who retired, still support the company and its employees. There is already the third generation of “tubes guys” who successfully work among us. Each of these generations has made enormous contribution to the organisation of our company, so it can grow and succeed on the increasingly competitive market.

We all know exactly, that Tubes International would not reach such a high position, if it had not been for the founder and memorable boss – Richard Fredriksen, who unfortunately is not with us any longer.
Every anniversary closes a particular chapter in the history of our enterprise, but at the same time starts a new one. I am sure, that we will write the next chapter of this story the same way we have done so far, that is, arm in arm – by working hard together every day. I am convinced, that as we have done so far, we will still aid each other with initiatives and ideas, which will best serve the development of the organisation.
Tubes International’s vision of the future is inseparable from its history, values, experiences, wise people and hard work. I think, that as long as all these factors are smoothly synchronised and recognised in our company, we can look ahead without fear.
There is one essential element at the heart of our success – our dear Customers and Suppliers without whom, our operations would be pointless. You always were and you always will be very important for us. We have worked long with many of You and made friends over the years, which makes us happy and proud.
I can assure you, that the last 25 years make only a starting point for the long and glorious future of Tubes International – the company we make together.

On this special occasion, on behalf of the owner of the company, the board, supervisory board and myself, I wish my Colleagues, Customers and Suppliers all the very best in their private lives and fulfilment in professional activities. Never lack the power to pursue the goals You set or persistence in accomplishing the tasks entrusted. Let another success that you will surely reach, be a cause of great satisfaction, a stimulus for further development. And that is what I wish You with all my heart.”

Karol Semba, president of the board

September 2018
Visit us at our new location in Kielce!

  • Crimping hoses Kielce
  • Crimping hoses Kielce
  • Industrial hoses KieIce

As from 17 September 2018, Tubes International / Kielce Branch has a new location at ul. Krakowska 309 in Kielce. Thanks to this change, the services we have provided so far will be much more efficient, whereas greater warehouse space will allow for keeping the right level of stock to satisfy Your needs at all times.
We are sure that this new location will prove to be another great advantage of our company bringing in significant benefits to You, our Customers.

Come and visit us at our new location.

Best regards,
Tubes International Team, Kielce Branch

November 2017

Richard Fredriksen

On 8 November 2017, aged 71, the President and founder of Tubes International, Richard Fredriksen passed away. He was an outstanding person, full of energy and enthusiasm. He had a great heart. He was a boss and a friend, he was one of us. He trusted people, he trusted their capacity to succeed. With his own example, he taught us to have confidence in each other.

In the early nineties, Richard Fredriksen came to Poland from Norway and founded Tubes International. He developed the company into an international enterprise giving people an interesting and challenging work. Till the end of his life, he wished Tubes International to grow, to reach its full potential. As employees, we feel committed to do everything we can for the further progress of his work.

Tubes International Team

June 2017
New ERP system goes live

Uruchomienie nowego systemu informatycznego ERP

We would like to inform that on 01-02 June 2017 a new ERP system was launched  in our company.
As the new system is being implemented, we would like to ask for Your understanding if you happen to face any difficulties while being served by our employees. All orders made via our e-shop will be processed immediately after the system is started.

We are aware of inconvenience this may cause and we would like to apologise in advance. At the same time, we can assure you that this venture will fully make up for the temporary difficulties.

System implementation schedule

  • 05-09.06.2017 – new ERP system goes live throughout the company

If you have any questions or need assistance during the period above, please contact our sales team.
We are sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate Your understanding.

Thank you.
The Board and Management of Tubes International

December 2016
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

Christmas time and New Year is the time when we want to share with others more. In this special time of year we helped five kinds in need.

We hope that our support brings happiness and smiles to the children’s faces and contributes to the improvement of their living conditions or health.

July 2016
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes International

Summer holiday is the time when children smile more often. A break from school duties and careless fun comes as a reward for hard work during the school time. Yet, some children are not that lucky. Because of the problems they face, they cannot enjoy the holidays and that is why our company have recently supported five children in need.

We believe that thanks to our help the children’s faces will blossom with smile at least for a while

April 2016
New branch opens in Poznań

  • Industrial hoses Przeźmierowo
  • Industrial hoses Przeźmierowo

At Tubes International Sp. z o.o. we try to exceed our Customer’s expectations by opening new locations to be able to serve them even better. We are happy to announce that on 25 of April 2016 we opened our second branch in Poznań, at ul. Rynkowa 56 in Przeźmierowo.

This new location is more accessible and so, more convenient for the Customers in the north-west Poznań and the surrounding area. In the new workshop the production of complete industrial hose assemblies and hydraulic hose assemblies according to Customer specification takes only minutes.

From the very beginning the branch runs 24 h service of Hydraulic Hose Assemblies (24/7/365) on call: 697 222 440.

We are sure that this new location will prove to be another great advantage of our company bringing in significant benefits to our Customers.
We would like to invite you to come and visit our new branch.

Best regards,
Tubes International Team, Poznań Branch


April 2016
Olsztyn Branch moves to a new location

  • Industrial hoses Olsztyn Tubes International
  • Industrial hoses Olsztyn Tubes International

We would like to inform that our branch in Olsztyn moves to a new location. To respond to growing interest in products and services provided by Tubes International Sp. z o.o., as from 11 April 2016 we invite You to come and visit our new branch location in Olsztyn at ul.Lubelska 44C.

The branch is located at the national road No.16 to Mrągowo. The total area of the Branch is almost 400 m2, where 312 m2 is a warehouse and workshop part.

Thanks to this change the services we have provided so far will be much more efficient, whereas more warehouse space will allow for keeping the right level of stock to satisfy Your needs.

We are sure that this new location will prove to be another great advantage of our company bringing in significant benefits to our Customers.

We would like to invite you to come and visit our new branch.

Best regards,
Tubes International Team, Olsztyn Branch


March 2016
Tubes International gets another certificate

Certyfikat EN 15085

At the beginning of March our company received a certificate issued by TÜV NORD which proves compliance with the requirements of EN 15085 standard.

Meeting the strict requirements of EN15085 allows for fabrication of new railway components using a special process, as welding is classified, for the railway sector . The certification level CL1 that we obtained stands for welds classified in weld performance classes from CP A to CP D. This certificate is also a confirmation of the top grade welding workshop as well as competence of our welders.

Today we are in an exclusive group of welding workshops in Poland, which comply with the quality requirements laid by the standard. As a company specialised in providing comprehensive flexible hose assembly solutions, we are the only company in Poland to meet the requirements of EN 15085 standard.  A full range of services, we can provide, is available at www.en15085.net.

The certification process was conducted by TÜV NORD,  a recognised certification body. Its operations started on the German market, which is bound by the most rigorous regulations concerning the railway industry. With this certificate our company can compete for  the most demanding welding works for the railway industry.

February 2016
New branch opens in Bielsko-Biała

  • Odział Bielsko Biała Tubes Internatinal
  • Industrial hoses Bielsko Biała

We would like to inform that we launched a new branch in Bielsko-Biała. As from 1 February 2016 we invite You to visit our new branch in Bielsko-Biała, located at ul. Żywiecka 260. The total area of the branch is almost 280 m2 and comprises shop, workshop and warehouse facilities. In this new branch we provide a full range of services and sales concerning industrial hoses along with hydraulic hose assembly production.

We are sure that this new location will prove to be another great advantage of our company bringing in significant benefits to our Customers. We would like to invite you to come and visit our new branch.

Best regards,
Tubes International Team, Bielsko-Biała Branch


Luty 2016
February 2016
Tubes International implements IFS Applications™ 9 to improve the management of its global operations

Produkcja przewodów przemysłowych

A premier supplier of industrial hoses and couplings – Tubes International − deploys comprehensive ERP solution from IFS. It is a further step to enhance production, supply chain and sales management across its domestic branches and affiliated companies abroad.

IFS, a global supplier of business software, has started cooperation with Tubes International. The goal of this mutual effort and actions is to implement IFS Applications™ 9 to improve the operations within an international group.

Since 1993, when it was established, Tubes International is a leader in the supply of industrial hoses and couplings, high pressure hose assemblies to all industry sectors. The company’s headquarters, logistics centre, and production department handling different types of industrial hose assemblies, are located in Poznań. The company manages an international sales network in the following countries: the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Norway, and Kazakhstan. It also has agencies in Germany and Iraq.  Tubes International’s business growth brought a need for an integrated IT solution that could facilitate effective management of its multi-national, multi-company, multi-branch and multi-currency operations.

After evaluating different ERP systems available on the market, Tubes International’s board chose IFS Applications 9 as it fully met the functional requirements of the company. The IFS solution also provides the best support for its multi-branch and multi-company operations in several languages and for business transactions in different currencies.

„We have chosen IFS Applications 9, because it is best suited to our needs. The scalability offered by the solution will facilitate our group’s growth with the ability to deploy the system in foreign affiliated companies and in new ventures”
Karol Semba, Vice-President and CEO of Tubes International.
“Tubes International is among the first Polish enterprises to use the latest version of IFS Applications 9. This version offers a lot of new features and improvements that support the needs of a global market leader like Tubes International. We are very happy that our solution will support the operations and growth of such a large and renowned company”
Marcin Taranek, President, IFS CEE.

During the first stage, IFS Applications 9 will be implemented at Tubes International in Poland and its Slovakian affiliated company. The solution will cover finance, distribution, production, and project management. The first stage is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2017. In the following stages it will be gradually deployed at the company’s affiliated companies abroad.

About IFS
IFS™ is a globally recognized leader in developing and delivering enterprise software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). IFS brings customers in targeted sectors closer to their business, helps them be more agile and enables them to profit from change. IFS is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983. IFS supports more than 2,400 customers worldwide from its network of local offices and through a growing ecosystem of partners.
In Poland, IFS is among the top three in the ranking of western suppliers of ERP systems. IFS provides services to over 240 customers across Poland from its own four office locations. The group of IFS customers in Poland comprises: Bolix S.A., Cognor S.A., ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A., Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA, Grupa ATLAS, Grupa Nowy Styl, Grupa Paradyż, Grupa Powen-Wafapomp SA, Libet S.A., Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o., Mostostal Zabrze Holding SA, MPWiK SA w Krakowie, MPWiK w m.st. Warszawie S.A., MPWiK SA we Wrocławiu, Nestle Waters Polska SA, PGNiG Termika, Poltarex Sp. z o.o., Porta KMI Poland Sp. z o.o., PREVAC sp. z o.o., Projprzem S.A., Quad/Graphics Europe, Slovnaft SA, Synthos S.A., TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A., TRI (Poland) Sp. z o.o., VECTOR Sp. z o.o. and many other companies.

December 2015
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Akcje charytatywne Tubes International

The role of business should not be limited only to supplying goods to the market. Supporting people in need is a task of highest priority, which we must carry out with the greatest care. Helping others is rewarding.

In Christmas time, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to help others, so we decided to aid a number of charitable foundations and their support programs. We made donations to: Disabled Children’s Foundation „Podaruj Uśmiech”, „Wspólna Nadzieja” Foundation, „Stworzenia Pana Smolenia” Foundation and Occupational Therapy Workshops in Susz.
We trust that each gesture of goodwill makes a difference in the lives of people in need and brings smile to their faces.

August 2015
Tubes International’s social responsibility

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Tubes

As we are aware of the role enterprises play in the modern world and social responsibility that comes with the notion, we bring help to those who trustfully wait to get our support.

It is a great pleasure to inform that in the last support program we managed to extend our help to 5 foundations : „Zdążyć z Pomocą” Children’s Foundation, „Wspólna Nadzieja” Foundation, „Przytuliska u Wandy” Foundation, „Zbieramy Razem” Foundation and Children’s Support Foundation.

We are very happy that we could help, because we believe that even the smallest gift can make a real difference in someone’s life.

July 2015
E-shop opens

Sklep internetowy Tubes

It is a great pleasure to inform our Customers that Tubes International E-shop was launched on 1 July 2015.

The e-shop is selling a selected range of products, which will be successively extended to include more and more items.
Both business and individual Customers can buy products online via our e-shop without the need to register or login beforehand. To meet the expectations of our Customers we are continuously working to develop the e-shop further and improve it by adding more functions.

Please check our e-shop and go online shopping at:

May 2015
Welding shop opens in the Headquarters

  • spawanie przewodów stalowych
  • spawalnia węży stalowych

We would like to inform you that we completed a new investment – a welding shop for steel hoses in the Headquarters.
The welding shop gained new production space, which in turn allowed for increasing the number of welding stations and upgrading of their equipment.

Within the scope of our welding competencies Tubes International Sp. z o.o. was granted the following certificates:

  • Certificate WF 0410165 HH within the scope of qualification: Welding of Pipelines, issued by Germanischer Lloyd,
  • EU Certificate of Conformity to confirm compliance with the requirements of Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EU module A1 in terms of production of pressure equipment, issued by Transportation Technical Supervision,
  • Certificate confirming compliance with DNV requirements, issued by Det Norske Veritas AS,
  • Certificate confirming compliance with the requirement of PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007 standard, issued by Transportation Technical Supervision.

Today, we can perform orders for welding works with many additional technical requirements compared to those we have done so far.

  • Welding steel hose assemblies, metal compensators and fittings using an orbital welding technique,
  • Production of complete steel hose assemblies, metal compensators and fittings which must be set very precisely against each other.

April 2015
New branches open in Norway

Oddział Tubes International Norwegia

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have launched a new affiliated company. After we have recently opened an agency in Germany and a new branch in Kazakhstan, the time has come to start up in Norway.

Tubes International takes a multi-sided approach to the development on international markets, which is proved by the above-mentioned examples of investments.  Our operations on Scandinavian markets enter a more advanced phase so as a consequence we have launched the branches in Norway – Tubes International Norge A/S.

The company’s headquarters  is located near Drammen, which is about 40 km from the capital of the country, Oslo. Thanks to this investment we will be able to adapt our product offer to the local needs and requirements and ensure greater availability of goods to Norwegian consumers. Today Tubes International Sp. z o.o. works with many Customers from Norway, but  until now they have been served by the Export Department in the Headquarters in Poznań, Poland.

This investment in the new branches is also an investment in relations with our existing Customers, a springboard to further development.

We wish a lot of success to our Norwegian colleagues!


March 2015
Agency opens in Germany

Tubes International Niemcy

Whilst gradually fulfilling the company’s strategy of development through foreign expansion, we would like to inform you that Tubes International agency starts up in Germany.

The primary objective of our German colleagues is increasing sales volume and networking across the country.

Thereby they will now serve our German Customers and Partners,  who have been so far managed by the Export Department.

We would like to welcome our Customers and wish all the best to our new colleagues!


January 2015
Tubes International’s social responsibility


We are aware of the role enterprises play in the society and social responsibility they have. The strategy that our company assumed places emphasis not only on reaching economic objectives. We regularly engage in social actions, helping the people in need.

In 2014 we donated funds to support people in need and organisations assisting them. We made donations to: „Zdążyć z Pomocą” Children’s Foundation, Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Kiekrz, „Rak OFF” Foundation, „Stworzenia Pana Smolenia” Foundation, „Iskierka” Foundation.

We are very happy that we could help.
We will aim to incorporate such social activities into regular operations of the company.

January 2015
Warsaw Branch moves to a new location

  • fittings industry Pruszków
  • Industrial hoses Pruszków

We are pleased to announce that following a highly dynamic development of our company, on  8 December 2014, after 12 years of operations, the Branch in Warsaw moved to a new location at Aleje Jerozolimskie 468 in Pruszków.

The total area of the Branch in this new location is almost 630 m2. You can now enjoy shopping on a vast shop space of 101 m2. A big advantage of the new premises is a spacious warehouse with a production workshop of a total area of 365 m2. This new location is more convenient in terms of access for the Customers from the centre of Warsaw as well as from the surrounding area.

The bigger warehouse space will allow for keeping the level of stock just right to satisfy Your needs and meet the requirements. In the new workshop the production of complete industrial hose assemblies and hydraulic hose assemblies according to Customer specification takes only minutes. Another advantage of our services is a marking system that we use for all hose assemblies thanks to which they can be quickly identified and their replacement can be swiftly produced.

Please visit us at our new location.

Best regards,
Tubes International Team, Warsaw Branch

  • Al. Jerozolimskie 468
    05-802 Pruszków
  • phone: 22 572 98 30
    fax 22 572 98 40
    mobile: 667 888 117
    Mon-Fri 7.00-16.00
    Sat 9.00-14.00