Przewód hydrauliczny do płuczki wiertniczej, cementu

Hydraulic hose assembly for drilling mud, cement

Applicationgeneral-purpose hose assembly (cementing, manifold connection, injection)
Mediumdrilling fluid, cement
Pressure350 bar
Working temperatureambient
Testing700 bar/ hydrostatic

Assembly technology: assembly of integral fittings – this version of HAMMER LUG coupling allows to crimp it directly on a hydraulic hose (type R13,R15) using integral crimping ferrule. It completely eliminates the risk of untwisting when HAMMER LUG coupling is screwed onto NPT male thread fitting.

Description: General purpose rubber hydraulic hose assembly R15 DN50 with 2” integral HAMMER LUG union FIG.1502 (male part + nut at one end, female part at the other end) made of 4130 steel. Overall length 25000 mm.

Other applications: feeding hydraulic elements.