Elastomeric Expansion Joints

Elastomeric compensators are intended to work in constant working temperature conditions even as high as +200°C (depending on bellow material) The elastomeric compensators are intended for lower working pressure when compared to rubber compensators. Each compensator is made of elastomeric material (rubber) or plastic material with one or more layers of reinforcing braids vulcanized together to form homogeneous, robust and resistant material. Usually, elastomeric compensators are made of such materials as: EPDM, FKM (Viton), silicone, polyurethane and PTFE.

There is no standard set of dimensions for this type of compensators so they can be freely manufactured in any shape or dimensions. Available as round, rectangular or oval with length adjusted to fit the installation. The overall installation length is variable, related to the deformation that the compensator must absorb – so that the compensator can be slotted as compressed, neutral or stretched. This type of compensators is the best choice for the transfer of wet gases and exhaust in hot air ducting or chimney installations Suitable for foodstuffs as well. They can efficiently absorb multidirectional displacement and vibration of hose assemblies and any incidents of misalignment. They are designed and manufactured to order, according to customer specification.

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