Check Valves and Filters

Check valves are applied to allow the fluid flow only in one direction. They protect the installation against the backflow. The check valves can be of different construction (ball, poppet, flap, membrane). The check valves open when the difference between the pressure at both sides of the valve (opening pressure) reaches the value needed to overcome the spring load or gravitation.

Filters are used to catch and remove mechanical contaminants away from the system.

The check valves and filters must be always installed in accordance with the fluid flow, which is usually marked on the valve body. There is a specific type of check valves – pump stop valve – it is installed in a vertical position at the end of the pump suction line. It protects against the backflow of the fluid sucked up by a suction pump.

The check valves are manufactured from brass, stainless steel (body), brass, stainless steel, plastics (mechanisms). Filter inserts are made of stainless steel. Working pressure of industrial check valves and filters up to several tens of bar.

The check valves and filters are used in all industry sectors.


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