Hydraulic Tube Connectors SAE-J1453 (ORFS)

Threaded hydraulic pipe connectors manufactured according to SAE J514 (ISO 8434-2) standard are widely used in many industries to join or connect rigid pipe assemblies of outer diameters ranging from 6 to 38 mm, made of steel. JIC 37° connectors are used in both hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls, but also for general purpose applications.

JIC 37° fitting can only be connected to the rigid pipe with the specially formed end, so the pipe must be first flared using a flaring tool to create 74° cone (37° x 2 = 74°) on the end. To connect, the inner surface of the flared pipe end is pressed against the outer cone of the fitting body. For even better connection, the pipe is tightened by the sleeve in the nut.

SAE-J514 connectors can also connect to JIC hydraulic hose fittings (e.g. TI-ZJW110, TI-ZJZ110) to combine hydraulic pipes and flexible hose assemblies.


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