Ultra High Pressure SPIR STAR Hoses and Accessories

SPIR STAR hoses are designed for ultra high pressures (UHP) reaching to 3200 bar. Internal and external layer are made of highest quality thermoplastic materials with up to 8 layers of high-tensile spring wire reinforcement. DN from 3 mm to 25 mm. Available as complete hose assemblies with a various range of possible connections. Advantages: Lightweight, wide chemical resistance, ability to produce a hose assembly with 4500 m length as well as resistance to UV radiation, ozone, aging, seawater, external pressure, impulse operation and permeability.

Applications for water blast technology:

  • during construction works – paint removal, cleaning of equipment and machines, concrete hydro demolition, surface preparation, cleaning and degreasing with a pure medium (water), etc.
  • at airports for paint, rubber and other substances removal on airstrips.
  • in steel mills and foundries for scale removal as well as for cleaning of furnaces, conveyors, floors, casts, tools, etc.
  • in breweries for cleaning of tanks, mash tuns, pipe lines, walls, etc.
  • in cement mills for cleaning floors, walls, conveyors, tanks, etc.
  • in chemical and petrochemical plants for cleaning heat exchangers, reactors, mixers, tanks, sewage systems as well as for resin, PVC other polymers cutting and removal
  • in mines for cleaning of vehicles, transportation equipment, etc.
  • in shipbuilding industry for concrete pier renovation, cleaning hulls of ships, tanks as well as for paint removal, etc.
  • in automotive for cleaning applications etc.
  • in papermaking industry for cleaning tanks, pipelines, mixing units, sieving machines, etc.
  • in power stations for cleaning furnace chambers, boilers, heat exchangers, pipes, turbines, filters, etc.
  • in public works: sewage cleaning, graffiti removal, etc.
  • in food industry: frozen food cutting, tanks cleaning, etc.
  • in transportation cleaning of vehicles, tanks, wagons, graffiti removal,
  • as well as for: high pressure testing, water cutting, removal of different coatings.

Applications for high pressure hydraulics:

  • hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment;
  • hydraulic lifts, spreaders and cutters;
  • hydraulic rescue equipment;
  • fuel systems in cars (e.g. Common Rail engines);

Most popular fittings

Female thread 1/4” BSP spir1
Female thread 9/16”x18 UNF cone 58° spir2
Female thread M14x1.5 cone 24° + o-ring spir3
Male thread 1/4” BSP spir4
Male thread 1/8” BSP spir5
Male thread 1/8”x27 NPTF
onepiece Waterblast
Male thread 3/8”x24 UNF LH (SS) spir7
Male thread 9/16”x18 UNF LH (SS) spir8
Male thread M14x1.5 LH (SS) spir9
Male thread M7 spir10

Different applications

  • dough cutting – water with working pressure 1200 bar.
  • as food sterilization method – with pressure from 100 to 1000 Mpa food can be sterilized without harmful effects of heat, chemicals or radiation (present in standard sterilization),
  • toll used for arthroscopic method in surgery where cutting element is not a laser, scalpel but UHP water.