Tankwagen Couplings (TW)

  • Złącza tankwagen, złącza TW, VK, MK, din 28450
  • Złącza tankwagen din 28450, złącza przeładunkowe

TANKWAGEN couplings (TW couplings, tanker couplings, eurocouplings) are commonly used for loading and unloading of tankers and in installations in the chemical, petrochemical or food industry. TW couplings are made according to EN ISO 14420-6 standard (former DIN 28450).

TANKWAGEN couplings are intended mainly for fluids, sometimes used for dry bulk products and gases (except for liquefied gas and steam). TW coupling consists of two basic parts: female (MK) part and male (VK) part. The female (MK) part couples with the male (VK) part by pushing one into the other. Turning the ring of the female (MK) part with the open handle causes both MK and VK parts to connect and seals the coupling. Folding the handle in locks the ring and secures the coupling from opening.

TW couplings are available in DN50, DN80 and DN100 sizes (2″, 3″ and 4″). The couplings are made of AISI316 stainless steel, brass or aluminium; seals are made of CSM (hypalon), NBR and many other materials. Working pressure up to 16 bar. TW couplings (both MK and VK parts) can be screwed onto BSP pipe thread (2″, 3″ and 4″), sealed flat. Typically, TW coupling is connected to the hose using KRS fitting with BSP male thread and a hose tail adjusted to be either fitted in a rubber hose with RS safety clamp or crimped with a ferrule.


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