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Ecodora automatic hose reels for air, water, detergents

Materialpowder coated carbon steel (series 250/310), AISI 304 stainless steel (series 254/314)Working temperatureup to +70°C Complete hose reels designed for indoor and outdoor installation. All carbon steel or all AISI 304 stainless steel housing High-quality polyurethane hose Hose fittings secured with strain relief springs Swivel coupling on the outlet of the main hose provides comfort in use when  attached to tools e.g. a pneumatic tool. Durable rewinding spring (tested to 30000 cycles). Application Water and air transfer [...]

Steam gun

Material stainless steel (main elements), heat resistant plastic Sealing glass fibre reinforced PTFE Working pressure 10 bar Working temperature up to + 180°C (with peaks up to + 210°C) Top quality steam gun compliant with health and safety requirements for steam handling.  Comes with a swivel coupling hose inlet. Available with a broad range of accessories - lances and nozzles of various sorts. Used for steam washing and steam cleaning of machines, equipment, floors, [...]

Victoria® Premium saturated steam hose

Inner layer Black rubber IIR Reinforcement Double steel wire cord Outer layer Red EPDM rubber, pinpricked Working temperature from -40⁰C to +210⁰C Robust and flexible, red delivery hose with steel reinforcement for saturated steam. The inner layer has a very low permeability level and  very high resistance to popcorning, which  ensure extended service life even in extreme conditions. Withstands superheated steam with temperature up to +230ºC and maximum working pressure of 18 [...]

Industrial diaphragm pumps

ECODORA diaphragm pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, designed to pump a wide range of fluids, even the fluids of high viscosity (chemicals, petrochemical products, suspension fluids e.g. waste oils, waste water, sewage or fluids containing suspended solids up to a few millimetres in size, solvents, emulsion, varnish and many other)  in all branches of the industry. The pumps push the fluid through the collectors using two membranes that are connected by a centre shaft. The body of the pumps [...]

Pressure sprayers for every kind of sites with stringent cleanliness and hygiene requirements

Devices for non-toxic spraying of low-viscosity detergent fluids. Suitable for spraying surfaces and areas that require disinfection, but also for washing vehicle engines, blacking, lubrication. After they are filled with specific fluid for ¾ of their capacity and topped up with air under 6-8 bar pressure, they are fully autonomous. No continuous connection to compressed air line is required. The air pressure in the tank pushes the fluid out through the dispensing unit into the nozzle. Coming out from the [...]

Stainless steel hygienic valves

Body material AISI 304 stainless steel (standard); AISI 316L stainless steel (option) Sealing VMQ (standard); FPM (option); EPDM (option); HNBR (option) Leakage rate A according to DIN EN 12266-1 Working pressure 10 bar (DN10 ÷ DN150); 6 bar (DN200) Stainless steel hygienic couplings Stainless steel hygienic valves designed for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, biotechnology and chemical industry, manufactured in compliance with 3-A (63-03 and 78-01) standard. Internal surface roughness Ra < 0,8 [...]

High pressure cleaning equipment

The series of high pressure washers includes a full range of solutions starting from compact, home-use models to premium, commercial models used in the industry, perfect for cleaning with cold and hot water. Products available upon request. Solution for such applications as: Premium cold water high pressure washer, intended for heavy duty applications. Premium hot water high pressure washers, intended for heavy duty, most challenging applications. [...]

Freeze protection bleed valve

Fully automatic freeze protection valves designed, for example, for railway engineering, mounted in locomotive engine cooling systems and potable water distribution systems in passenger carriages. The valves are fitted with thermostatic heads so they are completely mechanical and no outside electrical power or compressed air supply are required. Products available upon request. automatic valves eliminate costly repairs caused by freezing fluid thermostatic valves - no outside power supply required high-capacity design for fast [...]

UHP Hydrogen hose for hydrogen dispensing and refuelling of vehicles with gaseous hydrogen up to 875 bar

Inner layer polyoxymethylene (POM) Outer layer polyamide (PA) Reinforcement 4 braids of steel wire Working pressure up to 875 bar (bursting pressure from 3500 bar) Working temperature from -45°C to +65°C Application, e.g.: connecting hydrogen dispenser to fuel nozzle (fuel gun), testing systems, laboratory systems. Compliant with SAE TIR J2601, certified by TÜV Available fittings: HP fitting with male thread metric HP fitting with male thread UNF imperial HP fitting with female [...]

UHP hose up to 4000 bar – robust, yet flexible hose for ultra high pressure

Inner layer polyoxymethylene (POM) Outer layer polyamide (PA) Reinforcement 8 braids of steel wire Working pressure up to 4000 bar (bursting pressure from 8000 bar) Working temperature from -30°C to +60°C Application: testing units, hydroforming, hydraulic tools, water jet cutters, water jet cleaning, hydrodemolition Available fittings: HP fitting with male thread metric HP fitting with male thread UNF imperial HP fitting with female thread metric HP fitting with female thread UNF imperial [...]

Hoseguard® shut-off safety valve

Body material: aluminiumPiston: POM(1/4”-1/2”) / aluminium (3/4”-2”)Sealing: NBRWorking pressure:– 18 bar (1/4”-1/2”)– 35 bar (3/4”-2”)Working temperature:– from -20°C up to +80°C (1/4”-1/2”)– from -20°C up to +120°C (3/4”–2”) The shut-off valve protects the operator and compressed air installation in the event of a breakdown (e.g. when air line or hose breaks). User-friendly – no adjustments required Compatible with all pneumatic systems with standard compressed air consumption Enables repairs when installation is working Meets the requirements of: [...]

Special hydraulic fittings – SKV system

SKV is a special connection system consisting of a plug and a socket, additionally secured with a locknut and PVC safety clip after they are coupled. The design of the hose tail of the fitting with SKV connection is the same as the one of INTERLOCK fittings. As standard, they are suitable for the following types of hoses: 4SH, R13, R15 (for other types on request). Working pressure: Up to 420 bar Material: Zinc-plated steel Work. temp.: [...]

UHP pressure gauges made of stainless steel (range from 0 to 4000 bar)

UHP pressure gauges are designed for use in high pressure applications up to 4000 bar, depending on the device type. We offer a large selection of pressure gauges, including UHP pressure gauges filled with silicone oil and UHP pressure gauges filled with glycerine. Both silicone oil filled and glycerine filled pressure gauges are made in compliance with EN837-1 standard. Dial diameter: 63 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm Pressure range: 0÷1000 bar, 0÷1600 bar Accuracy class: 1,6 or [...]

Other hydraulic accessories (plugs, sight glasses, level indicators and level sensors)

Plugs AKM1 magnetic plug Material: body – aluminium; magnetic tip – alnico; fibre washer (guarnital). Magnetic drain plug mounted on the lower part of a tank. The plug features a magnetic tip to attract and capture ferromagnetic particles floating around in the hydraulic oil and thereby it protects moving elements in pumps, distributors, valves, etc. against damage and extends their service life. AKM2 magnetic plug Material: body – aluminium; magnetic tip (up to 1”) [...]

Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing

Tygon® S3™ M-34-R tubing is specially designed for raw milk transfer. Extensively used for milking equipment. Embedded blue stripe together with branding is the assurance of getting the original Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing. The tubing conforms to: FDA 21 CFR 175.300, REACH standards, EU Regulations 1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EU. Material: PVC (special) Max. working temp.: up to +74°C Brittleness temp.: -36°C Hardness: 66° Shore (A) Density: 1,21 g/cm³ Tygon® S3™ M-34-R milk tubing Precise [...]

Spring balancers

Case material: die-cast aluminium Cable material: stainless steel Working temperature: up to +70°C More comfort, more safety Spring balancers are used to suspend hand tools, power tools, hose assemblies etc. Due to their special construction (spring capacity) the spring balancers neutralise the weight of the tools attached thus allowing effortless operation at a safer workplace. No risk of damage to tools Spring balancers include an automatic lock, which protects the tools from being accidentally dropped. [...]

Couplings for connecting and repairing pipes (DIN 86128 standard)

This pipe coupling is a perfectly reliable element designed for connecting thin-wall and thick-wall pipes, both metal and of other materials.  Approved by DVGW, IACS, Bureau Veritas, Class NK, Lloyds Register, DNVGL, RINA, Korean Register, ABS, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, China Classification Society. Alternative to conventional pipe connections Pipe couplings are a cost-effective alternative to conventional pipe connecting methods for both plastic pipes and metal pipes. Leak-tight connection Patented sealing system provides even tighter seal [...]

Hyperline FX SS AS SI White PTFE hose

Hyperline FX SS AS SI White is a lightweight, flexible PTFE hose. Thanks to its properties, it is recommend for hot media transfer, CIP applications. The hose can be supplied in custom lengths - sold by the meter, or as a complete hose assembly. Inner layer: smooth PTFE Outer layer: silicone Reinforcement: AISI 304 single braid Working pressure: 60 bar Working temperature: from -70°C to +204°C (working pressure depends on temperature) Outer layer made [...]

CRUSHPROOF STAR milk and dairy hose

Milk and dairy products transfer Suction-delivery hose designed to convey milk, dairy products and other foodstuffs that require application of odour-free and taste-free rubber. Inner layer: White NR/NBR compound Reinforcement: Synthetic braid, PET helix Outer layer: Blue synthetic rubber Working temperature: from -30°C to +85°C Working pressure: 16 bar Working vacuum 0,7 bar Why choose CRUSHPROOF STAR milk hose? Unmatched in its class CRUSHPROOF STAR hose combines the highest quality [...]

Smartflex ducting hoses

Be smart - choose smart! Choose SMARTFLEX abrasion resistant ducting hoses. With their special 4 in 1 combination of properties, the hoses are intended for woodworking and furniture industries. Flame retardant (according to DIN 4102 B1) DIN 4102 standard classifies products according to their reaction to fire (flammability). All SMARTFLEX ducting hoses are flame retardant, according to the standard above, class B1. In practice it means, that the material of the hoses will not support fire, [...]

BLUE KING water spray gun – comfort, efficiency and durability combined in one water spray gun

BLUE KING water spray gun for industrial applications Material: brass (body), stainless steel – AISI 304 (trigger and trigger guard), stainless steel – AISI 316 (nozzle adjustment and spring), EPDM (cover, seals) Connection: 1/2” BSP female thread working pressure: 30 bar work. temp.: +95°C Flow rate: 22.2 l/min (4 bar), 50 l/min (30 bar). Comfort Compact size, ergonomic handle and soft EPDM rubber protection cover for unmatched comfort in use. Very comfortable grip. Water jet [...]

Chamber expansion joints

One of the greatest challenges in designing compensators is finding a solution to the problems occurring in production lines conveying highly viscous substances, including asphalt, tar, chemical products, etc. Because of the nature of these substances as well as bellow construction, the flow of the medium through the compensator is substantially restricted. Such substances may pose a risk of sedimentation and building up in the corrugations of the compensator, hindering the flow and, in the worst case, completely clogging [...]

Corroflon and Bioflex Ultra insulated PTFE hose assemblies

Nowość w ofercie - zaizolowane przewody teflonowe Corroflon oraz Bioflex Ultra z izolacją wykonaną z podwójnej warstwy 12 mm, ognioodpornej pianki silikonowej spiralnie owiniętej wokół węża. Izolacja przewodów sprawdza się zarówno przy przesyle zimnych, jak i gorących mediów: zapobieganie tworzenia się skroplin (przesył zimnych mediów), ograniczenie straty ciepła (przesył gorących mediów), ochrona operatora poprzez redukcję zewnętrznej temperatury przewodu (przesył gorących mediów). Warstwa zewnętrzna: Czarna guma EPDM (matowe wykończenie) lub łatwa w utrzymaniu czystości silikonowa

Installation of compensators

Compensators purchased from our company now come with an option of installation. You can order this service, when you want to have your compensator mounted on site. Installation of compensators from A to Z. We offer a comprehensive program to assist you from the beginning to the end - from the purchase, through the preparation of piping system, to the final installation of the expansion joint. You save time and you don't have to bother about the correct connection to the pipeline system. Professional support in selection of compensators .

Tygon S3™ B-44-3 phthalate-free general-purpose food tubing

Max. working temp.: +74 °C Brittle temp.: -36 °C Hardness: 66° Shore (A) Density: 1,21 g/cm3 Tygon S3™ B-44-3 Lightweight, flexible, phthalate-free and bisphenol A-free Tygon S3™ B-44-3 tubing designed for the food industry and beverage production. Thanks to its special characteristics, it does not affect the taste or odour of a transferred medium. Excellent resistance to water absorption facilitates quick cleaning and drying of the tubing As the tubing is very flexible, it perfectly [...]

Hose assembly for high pressure washers up to 500 bar

Complete hose assemblies for high pressure washers are used for cold and hot water cleaning, up to 500 bar. They are used in specialized applications including: removal of cement wash, rust, removing fouling from hulls, cleaning production lines in food processing plants, but also cleaning paving slabs, setts, removal of chewing gum or graffiti. Low weight and great flexibility facilitate easy handling of the hose assembly. Special design of stainless steel fittings,  allows for tightening the [...]

Rotary unions DNCHPR and DNCHP series

Sizes: from ¼” to 1” (BSP/NPT) Working pressure: up to 350 bar. Working temperature: up to +130°C Rotary unions made of nickel-plated steel intended for hydraulic oil. Used in applications where high reliability is required, especially in the construction industry and agriculture. Unions available in sizes from ¼” to 1” (BSP/NPT). Working pressure up to 350 bar. Working temperature up to +130°C. Swivel rotation. Maintenance-free Lightweight and compact design Corrosion resistance Long service [...]

Hose reels Compact and Major series

Automatic spring retractable reel Plastic casing Swivel wall bracket Abrasion-resistant polyurethane hose Working temperature up to +50°C (for water max +40°C) Working pressure up to 15 bar Hose reels Compact and Major series Compact series and Major series hose reels are suitable for water and compressed air in applications with a limited space requirement such as service cars, assembly lines, workbenches. Thanks to their plastic casing the hose reels are very lightweight. They are offered with [...]

Simple and fast assembly of a fitting on a hose thanks to the reliable PUSH ON system

Working pressure: 20 bar Work. temp.: from -40°C to +80°C Available hoses: Rubber (colour: ) Thermoplastic (colour: ) Available fittings - threads: BSP, NPT metric JIC 37˚ (UNF) Available fitting material: carbon steel brass stainless steel General purpose PUSH-ON hoses New offer - PUSH ON system of self-gripping hoses designed for assembly with special fittings without the need for bands or clamps. The fitting must be just pushed into the hose. The special fitting barbs [...]

New star in our range – chemical hose – CHEM UPE STAR/SD

Inner layer: made of black, smooth UHMWPE Reinforcement: synthetic cord, steel wire helix Outer layer: made of black EPDM rubber Working temperature: from -30°C to +100°C Vacuum: 0,9 bar Chemical hose – CHEM UPE STAR/SD Suction-delivery hose intended to convey liquid chemicals. Widely used in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries. What marks out CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose? Unmatched in its class CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose guarantees the highest quality at a competitive price. High [...]

Composite hoses STAR series

Composite hoses, light version, are suitable for virtually any industrial application The composite hoses are supplied only as complete hose assemblies. The composite hoses of STAR series are always in stock, so we can ship the complete hose assemblies to you within a few days. Composite hose assemblies STAR series: Allowable working pressure: 10 bar Maximum vacuum value: 0,7 bar Maximum hose assembly length: up to 40 m CHEM STAR/PG Suction-delivery hose [...]