PTFE Process Hoses

  • Wąż procesowy teflonowy
  • Wąż do przemysłu farmaceutycznego
  • Wąż do przemysłu kosmetycznego

PTFE process hoses are used for the most demanding applications. These hoses of the highest quality are designed for media transfer in industrial processes, loading/unloading of aggressive and hazardous chemical substances, in the food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology in the highest process purity conditions.

The most important advantage of process hoses is that they can be lined with uniform PTFE layer along the entire hose length including the fittings. The PTFE liner tube is extended through the fitting, then flared out and hot-formed on the sealing face of the fitting. The braid is put on top of the fitting and crimped with a ferrule. Therefore the substance passing though the hose contacts only the totally chemically resistant PTFE and so it eliminates the problem of corrosion resistance of metal fittings. In addition, the inner surface of PTFE lined fittings is uniform, smooth, without fluid entrapment areas – potential for bacterial growth, hence it ensures the highest hygiene level.

CORROFLON and BIOFLEX ULTRA hoses are available as complete hose assemblies with fittings, made to specific order. Numerous finish options (e.g. in rubber cover, silicone or fireproof cover) with many types of fittings. Working pressure up to several tens of bar. Working temperature up to 260°C (depending on braid and cover).

CORROFLON and BIOFLEX ULTRA hoses are available in AS version with antistatic PTFE liner, which prevents electrostatic charges build-up. Meet FDA and USP Class VI hygiene requirements. Optionally manufactured according to ATEX directive for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

CORROFLON – helically corrugated inside and outside PTFE hose, extremely robust, reinforced with wire helix and with AISI 304 stainless steel or polypropylene braid. Inner diameter from 1/2″ to 6″.

BIOFLEX ULTRA – corrugated outside but smoothbore inside PTFE hose with AISI 316 stainless steel braid or polypropylene braid. Inner diameter from 3/8″ to 3″.
PTFE process hoses are also in the following groups: chemical hoses (e.g. CORROLINE PLUS) and electrically heated hoses.


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