QC-LOK® instrumentation quick release couplings

QC-LOK® instrumentation quick release couplings– technical information

Superior quality quick release couplings, single shut-off or double shut-off. Interchangeable with other Instrumentation standard quick release couplings. Easy, quick and safe connection by simply pushing a plug into a socket. Used in numerous applications across the industry, including: aviation, gas industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, laboratories. Three sizes available: QC4, QC6 and QC8 (1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”). Come with NPT, BSPT and BSP male and female threads and with LETLOK® connectors. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, standard sealing – Viton o-rings. All quick release couplings are factory-tested at 68 bar (51,7 bar for QC8) to check for tightness – maximum allowable internal leakage 0,1 Ncm3 /min. Recommendations: maximum pressure for uncoupled QC-LOK®, when connecting or disconnection (21ºC) is 17,2 bar; connection or disconnection always at room temperature (21ºC); install a filter ahead of the quick release coupling; avoid side strains ( e.g. hanging hoses); lubricate o-rings on the plug periodically.




List of products:

Instrumentation quick release couplings

Instrumentation quick release couplings

single or double shut-off.

Caps for instrumentation quick release couplings

Caps for instrumentation quick release couplings

for plugs and sockets

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